How To Make Drop

5 Top Tips to Create More Powerful Drops

1.Dynamic Sub

For any track to achieve success on the floor you would like to possess a sub bass that cleanly cuts through the combination .

What many producers fail to ascertain is that it not only must cleanly traverse the combination but it also must provide rhythmic and tonal interest.

Action to require
Use pitch automation
Having sharply pitched notes rising or down on every down beat, at the top of 4 or eight bar phrases or when transitioning between notes, works well here.

This sharp pitching adds tons of movement and power because the entire sub low end of the track seems like it’s sliding up and down.

2.Pick a Main Sound

Everybody knows by now that you simply got to layer sounds so as to realize a timbral exciting and full sound. Many, however, get trapped within the layering process and forget that there must be one main sound within the drop.

Now this doesn’t mean that you simply shouldn’t layer anything. It means you would like to possess one sound that’s the main target of the combination therefore the listener doesn’t get confused and may understand the theme and vibe of the song.

3.Dynamic Layering

When layering, I’d usually duplicate the midi and alter the patch or synth.

This is common practice when trying to realize a more powerful sound. There is, however, a good simpler approach called Dynamic Layering.

Dynamic Layering is that the layering of sounds on certain sections or particular notes of the drop. rather than having all the layers playing directly , the various layers will are available and out of the arrangement to make a more dynamic drop.

4.Stay in Rhythm

Elements during a track got to work together so as to effectively deliver the general theme of the track.

This is especially important once you are deciding the way to program the sounds round the main lead or bass sound.

One element that especially must work with the most sound is that the percussion. Having these two elements effectively interplay with one another makes far more of a difference to the impact of the most sound than you think that .

5.Add Contrast

If all the sounds within the mix have round the same timbre, are within the same space within the mix and have an equivalent energy, then the track goes to sound one dimensional.

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