Type Of Music, Phrases & Expressions

Genres Of Music

Let’s mention the genres or the sorts of music forms.


– it is a quite music that has its roots in Western African culture.


– it’s basically popular music genre genre that’s mostly heard on the radio and on TV. it’s called pop .


– it’s evolved from rock and roll and pop .


– it’s style and elements from the past. Certain cities have clubs that play retro music on certain days of the week since plenty of individuals enjoy dancing to the tunes.

5.Heavy metal

– it is a quite rock ‘n’ roll , but the lyrics and thus the performances of artists are associated with aggression. Some well-known bands are Metallica and Megadeth.

6.Hip- Hop

– it’s its roots within the Afro- American culture. it is a really young beat thereto . it’s mainly supported rap culture and break dance.


– Romantic music always features a excellent melody, the music is extremely light and causes you to feel great. Mostly people who are crazy would always want to concentrate to such quite music because it causes you to feel closer to your loved ones.


– it’s extremely soothing and related mostly to the atmosphere and environment. it’s extremely light and causes you to calm.

These are variety of the genres of music.

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